Principles for the Marketing, Recruitment, Admissions and Induction of Students

The statement of principles below summarises our policy on marketing, recruitment, admissions and induction to undergraduate and postgraduate full-time and part-time degree programmes.

We aim to:
  1. Offer attractive and relevant degree programmes underpinned by LU's high academic reputation and institutional quality standards
  2. Describe our programmes clearly, fully and accurately in all of its communications, whether face-to-face, by telephone, in publications such as the prospectus or electronically through this website
  3. Welcome prospective students, parents and others visiting us and give them an accurate representation of life as a LUG student
  4. Treat all applications fairly and consistently, evaluating each application on its own merits
  5. Recruit students who have the potential to succeed in their chosen programme and who will benefit from the experience
  6. Extend a friendly, supportive and informative welcome and induction to our new students as they embark upon their university life