Our partner - TAG

TransNational Academic Group develops partnerships with internationally focused universities to bring research driven and relevant higher education opportunities to the students of emerging market nations. TAG develops people who develop nations.

TransNational Academic Group has for several years run a foundation program in Dubai.  This program has been accepted for entry into undergraduate studies by Murdoch University branch campus in Dubai.  This program is currently being expanded to focus more on the various majors that students have selected for their undergraduate studies.  TAG Foundation Programme has received validation by Lancaster University to allow students a pathway for entry into Lancaster University Ghana undergraduate programs.
Providing a platform for universities to enter emerging markets
TransNational Academic Group (TAG) partners with universities and other higher education organisations that have a strong international orientation and that are committed to the delivery of their programmes in emerging nations. TAG provides a platform for these universities to enhance their global presence while minimising financial and reputational exposure.
TAG university and academic partnerships include Lancaster University (UK) and Murdoch University (Australia)
Program Delivery
The Trans National Education Foundation Program (TEFP) operates based on a key set of beliefs:
1) Every person deserves the opportunity to learn and to prove their ability to study at the undergraduate level.
2) Students learn best through a blended model of learning with both instructor lead and self-directed components.
3) Assessment should be done using multiple methods to allow each student the opportunity to perform in assessments most closely matched to their competencies.
4) A foundation program’s most important role is to teach students how to learn so they are prepared for the rigors of undergraduate studies.
These beliefs are embodied in the design of the TEFP and the teaching approach. 
TEFP Oversight
The TEFP Oversight Team is an independent group of academics that oversee the TEFP on a worldwide basis.  This team is responsible for:
Development of the curriculum,
Development of assessments and marking keys,
Moderation of students’ work from all locations,
Assessment of Program and Lecturer quality though student surveys of each unit run,
Assessment of the Program through teacher surveys for each unit run,
Oversight of the Academic Integrity Discipline Process,
Remarking of assessed material where a student has raised an issue of unfair marking,
Administering the student appeals process,
Ensuring the validity of assessments by benchmarking against students’ secondary school marks and marks received in the first year of undergraduate studies,
Performing process and curriculum improvement activities, 
Providing support to TEFP Coordinators and Lecturers,
Providing training to TEFP Coordinators and Lecturers, and
Conducting annual reviews through student results, student surveys, lecturer surveys, and on-site visits.
This team is physically located at the TEFP headquarters and periodically visits each location where the TEFP is run to perform these services and to ensure that the on-ground reality meets TEFP standards.  One member of the TEFP oversight team will be appointed by Lancaster University.  This member will fully participate in all aspects of the TEFP Oversight that relate to the program used as entry to Lancaster University undergraduate studies, but will not participate in programs for other partners.