Campus and Facilities

Our state of the art campus is situated on Jungle Avenue in East Legon near the A&C Square and an annex inside the A&C Square. More than just a campus; it’s a buzzing hub of social and academic life. We also have the best of modern technology and environmental best practices - creating an inspiring base for young people from diverse backgrounds to live, collaborate and study together for generations to come.

A&C campus

The recently inaugurated undergraduate campus provides state-of-the-art academic facilities for students, faculty and administrative staff. This campus is located inside the A&C Square, approximately 1 minute walk from the foundation campus.

Our campus facilities include:

80 seat lecture theatre
50 seat lecture theatre 
3 x 15 seat tutorial rooms
30 seat MBA suite
2 x 30-40  seat classrooms
Computer Lab
Learning Common
3 Break Out Rooms
Library / Academic Support 
Student Life Office 
Careers Support Office
2 Student support offices (counselling office / academic English support)
Office for the Centre for West African Studies
Executive Offices
Departmental Faculty Offices
Registrar Office


Virtual Learning Environment: All staff and students have access to the Lancaster University online library which provides constant access to lectures notes, learning materials, previous exam papers, and assignments Many books are scanned into the system in PDF format, and our high commitment to research means we can offer free access to most academic journals. 
Professional, industry databases like ACE-Equity and CMIE-Business Beacon, among others, to help students get the latest facts, figures, and insights from industry and commerce.

IT and Infrastructure Support

  • Online learning management system with 24x7 access for the LUG staff and students
  • Network Access for staff and students
  • Student Helpdesk
  • Lancaster University Student Information System Support (LUSI)

You can view pictures of our campus and facilities in the gallery.