Business Studies BSc Hons

Studying Business Studies with us is a great choice if you are interested in building a successful business career, but still undecided in which areas to specialise. In this program, you will build a broad foundation across the various fields of business life.

Entry Requirements

WASSCE: A one year Foundation Programme is required.
‘A’ levels: CCC or above (Direct entry into Undergraduate level)
IB students: 27 points (Direct entry into undergraduate level)
IELTS: Score 6.5 or above (minimum of 5.5 per each component)
Pearson: 65 or above (minimum of 51 points per component)

Course Overview 

Taught by top researchers and lecturers in their field, our Business Studies degree gives you a practical overview of how businesses and managers operate in an international environment and provides you with an excellent foundation in the core disciplines of management studies. 
Our lecturers all have in depth experience with working in the international landscape as well as industry which is an added advantage as they are able to give a very practical approach to the programme. 
By the end of this course, you would have developed a reflective outlook on issues relating to your potential future employability and career development as well as future learning development in business.
The Business Studies course provides coverage of a wide range of business and management disciplines. Its overall aim is to enable you to understand, engage and form a reflective perspective on the roles and practices of business and management.
We are committed to your growth on your personal learning journey; due to our small class sizes we are able to give attention to each student on a one on one basis.  Through this, we support our students to develop into critical thinkers and encourage a proactive approach towards studying business.
The business undergraduate programme is a 3 year programme. However based on your academic standing you have the option of spending your second year at our main Lancaster campus in the UK. This is great for those of you who would like to take a year to experience the British culture without putting your studies on hold.  Other benefits of a study abroad year is the opportunity to develop your cultural competence and to widen your global network. It broadens your education in a new teaching and learning context and provides you with different perspectives on your discipline.
At LUG, you will have the added advantage of attending guest lectures from practitioners in respected organisations to give you an overview of working in industry and guide you along your career path by giving career advice and answering any questions you may have.
The Business Studies class is affiliated to the Business Society which is a student initiative led club.  This club aims to drive engagement between students, staff, faculty and industry.  As a member of this club, you would work in teams to organise workshops as well as have the opportunity to develop business skills and engage with companies in various industries.  The Business Society organises an annual business week which is an action packed week filled with speakers from industry, talks on entrepreneurship as well as an corporate excursion. The Business Society through its patrons bring in various experts from organisations such as Ogilvy, Unilever, L’Oreal, Google amongst others a to talk to students throughout the year as well as take part in various business school competitions.
''The practical approach of the courses, the professional experience of teachers, the friendliness, atmosphere and international feel along with links that we constantly forge make my university studies memorable.“ Tawasimi Aaliyah, Nigerian Student


Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
  • Statistics and Computing for Management
  • Intro to Statistical Methods For Business
  • Rethinking Leadership
  • Business Management - An introduction to Theory and Practice
  • Strategic Management
  • Management in the 21st Century
  • Intro to Accounting & Finance OR Intro to Marketing OR Principles of Economics
  • Option
  • Option
  • Option
  • Option
  • Option
  • Option
  • Option
  • Option
  • Option
  • Option
  • Option
  • Option
Our optional modules cover topics under the field of Marketing, Accounting and Finance and Economics and International Relations.


  • - Coursework and Exam
  • - Form of assessment - essay, report, presentation, portfolio. class quizes, etc
  • - Exam periods: May and resits in August

Placement Opportunities:

We are engaged in indusry where our careers department support and groom students for internships in various sectors such as banking, mining and telcos - just to name a few!