Marketing BSc Hons

Whether you are considering careers in strategy, marketing research, Public relations, media, promotions, sales management among others, our degree programs allow for a high level of customization, adapting curriculum and fieldwork to suit and complement individual interests and goals. From advertising to branding, marketing stimulation to digital marketing, our dynamic coursework curriculum not only foster critical thinking, self-reflection and self-development but also enables you to leverage real-world opportunities that help prepare you for a dynamic and meaningful career.

Entry Requirements

WASSCE: A one year foundation programme 
‘A’ levels: CCC or above (direct entry into undergraduate level)
IB students: 27 points (direct entry into undergraduate level)
IB French system: Overall mark of 9 in total average score (All students outside France need a 6.5 IELTS score
Pearson: 65 or above (minimum of 51 points per component)

Course Overview 

The Marketing Department at LUG is a thriving department tailored to help students achieve an excellent grasp for the rapidly evolving discipline of Marketing. Our teaching staff have a rich balance of academic distinction and industry experience in various sectors including telecommunications, aviation and hospitality. 
The marketing undergraduate programme is a 3 year programme.  There are great opportunities for students looking to spend their second year in the UK at the main LU campus, allowing students to not only enrich their cultural experiences but also widen their global network.
Marketing touches all facets of contemporary living — whether its growing market share or developing brand loyalty or crafting strategies or internal marketing  in organisations. Most institutions across the world including governmental or non-government, profit or non-profit see marketing as a highly immutable component of their business organisation. 
A Lancaster bachelor’s degree in marketing equips you with real-world and academic preparation so you can make strategic, effective and fitting decisions in your career and within the spheres of influence. You will learn how to think critically, make and contribute meaningfully to strategic decisions, communicate effectively and solve problems as they pertain to real life scenarios.
As a marketing student, you will enjoy an automatic affiliation with the Business Society-a student initiative led club.  This club aims to drive engagement between students, staff, faculty and industry. The Business Society offers enormous benefits to students in terms of the impact it it will have on their social life.  You will get the chance to meet people who share an interest with you, allowing you will widen your social network beyond your course and the people you live with.  It also offers some real benefits in terms of your employability - the skills, qualities and knowledge you offer to prospective employers, which equips students to successfully adapt to life as a graduate in the workplace. The Society also offers students usable knowledge- an opportunity to learn about topics such as health and safety, entrepreneurship, marketing, and emerging business trends, as well as developing strong interpersonal skills.
Students are also able join the media club.  This club promotes the creative use of standard technologies. From cameras to video cameras and websites and blogs, the club hopes to report on the events going on within the school and related to the school. The media club is all inclusive, as the members can work within the fields of writing, photography, videography, graphic design, interviewing etc.


Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Marketing Simulation
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Option
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Marketing of Services
  • Option
  • Market Research
  • Business to Business Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Dissertation
  • Innovation in Marketing
  • Option
  • Intro to Statistical Methods for Business
  • Option


  • - Coursework and Exam
  • - Form of assessment - essay, report, presentation, research projects, etc
  • - Exam periods: May and August

Careers info

There are a plethora of careers paths graduates may pursue with a Lancaster Marketing degree including 
Creative roles;  
Digital marketing roles (including social media);
Media roles (including media buying);
Public Relations;
Brand management;
Marketing analysis and research roles,
Sales management and operations;
Corporate Social Responsibility roles;
Graphic designing;
Market development and channel management roles;
Marketing consultancy roles;
Marketing operations roles;
Pricing analyst;
Product development
Telemarketing and trade promotion roles 
The department is also capably assisted by a Careers department which focuses on facilitating internship opportunities for students during holidays and a Students advisory centre  staffed with licensed counsellors who provide students with services including improving their writing and learning skills, mastering job interviews, writing resumes and connecting with campus recruiters, among other services.