What our students have to say


"I chose Lancaster because it is the only British university located in West Africa and very close to Nigeria. The location of the campus is very convenient for me to blend both fun and academics. There is a variety of different nationals on campus" - Gbenga Fola-Alade, Nigerian


"The  broad nature of the marketing course supports my ambition to be diverse and employable. I chose LUG because the student-to-lecturer ratio is excellent and we have direct access to lecturers for any kind of advice, suggestions and recommendations" - Stephen Mutinda, Kenyan

    "I enjoy the teacher-student feedback, the course content and modules offered. There is an open-minded and rich interaction with classmates and professors during lectures. The knowledge acquired in my courses that is relevant and could easily be applicable in a work environment" - Ashley Ancordi, Italian

"I love the beautiful campus settings, having classmate from different cultures and background, lecturers with interesting insights into current affairs, industry best practices and academic thinking, an intimate class-tutor environment and a focus on personal development" - Ramesh Ubaashna, Indian