Exchange Programmes

Our students have a unique advantage when it comes to exchange programmes.  Currently there are three exchange programmes at LUG which our students can take advantage of, including the exciting summer trip to Lancaster, UK.  
In March the Faculty of Arts and Sciences visits Ghana with a delegation for ten days. LUG students have the opportunity to volunteer as student ambassadors for this trip.  This is followed by an outbound trip for LUG students to the UK for three weeks as part of the annual Lancaster Student’s Union (LUSU) summer exchange programme.  In September, LUSU also sends a delegation of students to Ghana for three weeks.  
Last year a new pilot programme to Dubai was launched purely on student initiative. There are many exchange programmes being developed each year so stop by the Student Affairs Office if you have any ideas and your dream exchange programme could be our next destination!
This year, Lancaster University (UK) and Boston University (US) have come together to organise a 6 week study abroad program in Ghana for their Health Students which focuses on Public Health issues and aspects of microbiology. As part of their studies, these seventeen students are required to pursue an internship which will provide them with broad experiences in the field of healthcare, which engages the students in a process of goal setting, self‐evaluation, and critical reflection on the links between theory and practice.