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Why Lancaster Unversity Ghana? 

For over 50 years Lancaster University has been providing World Class education to students across the world. Lancaster is ranked amongst the top ten universities in the UK, according to the Guardian university league table, and internationally amongst the top universities in the world. 

Lancaster University Ghana is the only fully fledged branch campus in West Africa and is set to grow into a major regional teaching and research university of international standing in the near future. 

Our campus in Ghana offers the exact same degree to the degrees offered at our Lancaster University main campus in the UK. What this means is that you will be awarded the same qualifications - as if you were studying at the Lancaster University UK campus.  

Lancaster University Ghana offers programmes in Business Management, Marketing, Politics, Economics, International Relations, Computer Science, Accounting & Finance and Law. 


Study at Lancaster University Ghana

Business Management BSc Hons

Taught by top researchers and lecturers in their field, our Business Management degree gives you a practical overview of how businesses and managers operate in an international environment and provides you with an excellent foundation in the core disciplines of management studies.  

By the end of this course, you would have developed a reflective outlook on issues relating to your potential future employability and career development as well as future learning development in business.  

Accounting and Finance BSc Hons

The BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance degree encompasses the study of both accounting and finance. The hands on experiences acquired during this course will allow you to gain strong skills in time management, resource management, qualitative decision making and analytical thinking. These are the essential competencies necessary for managers in any industry and/or company to make impactful and informative decisions which ultimately contribute to the success of the company.

Computer Science BSC Hons

Our Computer Science degree programme offers a curriculum that combines theory and practice. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical involvement strikes a healthy balance between traditional academic learning and more hands-on experiences. The overall aim of this programme is to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to be a computing professional. Our approach is very hands-on when it comes to computing and our projects allow each student to see and understand first-hand how various companies work.  

Economics and International Relations BA Hons

Studying Economics and International Relations with us gives you the opportunity to learn from some of the foremost academics in the field. The objective of this course is to encourage you to think and rethink the political decisions that are taking place in our economy on a day to day basis. Your degree is based on the politics that have shaped the modern world and you will learn issues such as war and governance and their impact on the global economy as well as the economics that inform the policies in the country.  


Studying Law at LUG gives you the opportunity to gain a strong awareness of the social, political, cultural and historical dimensions of Law. Students benefit from the innovative teaching techniques alongside traditional methods of our highly experienced lecturers. Whilst studying this course, you will develop vital skills in giving presentations, public speaking and team work as well as research and writing skills

Marketing BSc Hons

The Marketing Department at LUG is a thriving department tailored to help students achieve an excellent grasp for the rapidly evolving discipline of marketing. Our teaching staff have a rich balance of academic distinction and industry experience in various sectors including telecommunications, aviation and hospitality. Marketing touches all facets of contemporary living — whether its growing market share or developing brand loyalty or crafting strategies or internal marketing in organisations. 

Politics and International Relations BA Hons

The study of politics and international relations involves a broad range of subject-areas. These begin with the formalized institutions of authority and decision-making, but extends into the study of firms, economies, industries and theories of economic development, as well as issues of class, gender, race, ethnicity and other forms of inequalities that may manifest at the local and global levels.

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