The Business Cup Challenge (BCC) is a unique platform, designed to challenge high school students and launch them into the business world at a young age. The BCC was introduced in 2013 by Lancaster University Ghana in partnership with the Transnational Academic Group and its partnership schools and has increased in popularity since then.

This challenge is designed to provide a platform for aspiring business enthusiastic students to showcase their innovative ideas, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Through this competition, students will be encouraged to assess real-life problems, analyse critical business scenarios, develop, and implement business plans to solve those problems, and present a case to an academic and professional panel.

High school students will get the opportunity to work as part of a team, in a competitive environment and be guided by mentors.

This year the Business Cup Challenge will focus on Sustainability and its use in businesses.



Humankind is currently facing the most severe environmental and resource scarcity challenges in history.  It is widely recognized that sustainability must be a major focus of every government, business, and individual.  The United Nations has established Sustainable Development Goals for the world, and these are being implemented through government regulation, corporate action, and individual efforts.  Many investors, and therefore investment companies, are now requiring companies to provide ESG reports (Environmental, Social, and Governance) every quarter and will only invest in companies that are moving in a sustainable direction. 

This year’s Business Cup Challenge will be focused on helping companies achieve one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and will help students begin to think in a sustainable way so that, as the leaders of tomorrow, they can bring the world into a new age of sustainable living.

3 cases on the SDG’s will be addressed.  The cases will be sufficiently broad to allow for many creative solutions.  The case responses will be judged on the creativity / uniqueness of the solution, the technical and social feasibility of the solution, the financial viability, and the results of the PESTEL analysis.



In the preliminary round, case studies will be issued online over the duration of three weeks dependent on your entry level. Each week, a new case study will be released, and teams/participants will have one week to solve the case and submit their answers to earn a cumulative score which will be reflected on the leader board.

The top five teams/participant respectively will progress to the finale directly. Cumulative scores will be calculated based on points awarded for each case study submitted.

At the conclusion of the Preliminary Round, the remaining teams will enter the Elevator Pitch Round, giving the low-scoring teams/participants an opportunity to progress to the finale.


The elevator pitch is a 1-minute pitch, which must be presented to the judging panel on the day of semi finals. Top five teams/participants selected by the Judges will then join the top qualifying teams for finale.


All scores will return to zero on the day of the finale.

The team/participant with the highest score will be awarded first place – and subsequent teams/participants will earn first and second runners up position.

The winning team/participant will win a prize to reward their business excellence.


The competition will be judged by a panel of judges.

There will be Three members on the judging panel.

The judging panel will be selected by Lancaster University Ghana.

All finalist teams will have the same judging panel for the competition.


  • The competition is open to all high schools in Ghana.
  • There is no entry fee to participate in this competition.
  • Each school can register up to three teams from grades 11.
  • Each team can consist of a minimum of four to a maximum of six members.
  • Each school can register a maximum of 3 teams.
  • Each participating school is required to nominate a Team Supervisor to liaise with the University.
  • After each team has registered individually, Mentors/teachers must email [email protected] confirming the list of students and teams from their school for them to be eligible to participate.
  • Registrations close at 5.00PM on 31st January 2024
  • Cases and guidelines are released online (BCC Site) as per schedule for easy access to the Team Supervisors
  • Certificates will be issued only to the teams who participate through the elevator pitch / grand finale. Teams that drop out before that point will not be awarded certificates.
  • All answers must be submitted to the link provided, the submission link will be active as soon as the case studies are released. 
  • Case studies will be rated, and feedback given online. Please refer to the marking rubric for more information about markings. 
  • Teams will be awarded points according to the set criteria.



Release date: 1st Feb 2024
Answers to be submitted by: 8th Feb 2024

Please note: Submissions are closed for Case Study 1. 


Release date: 8th Feb 2024
Answers to be submitted by: 15th Feb 2024

Please note: Submissions are closed for Case Study 2. 


Release date: 15th Feb 2024
Live Presentation – 23rd Feb 2024




15th January 2024

Official Launch and Opening of Registration

15th - 31st January 2024

Orientation Workshops (in person and Virtual) Kumasi & Cape Coast)

1st February 2024

Case Study 1 Release – Preliminary Phase

8th February 2024

Case Study 1 submission – Preliminary Phase

8th February 2024

Case Study 2 Release – Semifinal Phase

15th February 2024

Case Study 2 submission – Semifinal Phase

15th February 2024

Case Study 3 release and Elevator Pitch – Grand Finale

23rd February 2024

Grand Finale – Case study 3 presentation and Elevator Pitch

Cases Study

Case Study Question Released

Answers Submitted/ Live Presentation

Marking Period

Results Released

Case 1

1st Feb 2024

8th Feb 2024

19th– 11th Feb 2024

12th Feb 2024

Case 2

8th Feb 2024

15th Feb 2024

16th – 18th Feb 2024

19th Feb 2024

Final Case/Grand finale

23rd Feb 2024

Live Presentation – 23rd Feb 2024

Panel assessment – 23rd Feb 2024

Awards – 23rd Feb 2024


Congratulations to the first TOP 5 teams! You have directly qualified for the Grand Finale. 

The results are combined from Case 1 and Case 2 submissions.


Apart from medals and the BCC Trophy, Winners will also receive cash prizes, gadgets and scholarship to study at Lancaster University Ghana. Teams/participants that attempt and submit at least the first two case studies will be eligible for the participation certificate. Teams that drop out before that point will not be awarded certificates.



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For more information or for enquiries, please contact us: [email protected]