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Alfred Momodu from Nigeria worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant in the Law Department after studying the LLB Law at Lancaster University Ghana. Alfred was part of the first cohort of students to graduate from LUG in 2017.

“Working at LUG has been a pleasant and stimulating experience thus far. The best thing about my job is probably the sense of fulfilment that accompanies observing the growth of a student. Investing considerably in student development is totally worth it when you can see clear growth. The three words I would use to describe my four years in LUG are: Intense, enlightening, and worthwhile.”

“At LUG, I was privileged to lead student bodies and this helped me cultivate the healthy organizational, interpersonal and critical thinking skills that are absolutely essential for one to thrive in a work environment. Furthermore, I was stimulated by the academic environment at Lancaster University to hone the research, writing, and advocacy skills that are critical for 21st century lawyers.”

“What I miss most about being an LUG student is the many law students with whom I shared many moments of anguish and apprehension, but also gaiety and pure joy.”

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