TAG Ghana Scholarships

Our priority is to support every student to make the most of their life and education. We have a large range of scholarships available for our prospective students and anyone can apply. We encourage all students to take advantage of what we have to offer.

Lancaster University Ghana (LUG) was launched in 2013 as a partnership between Lancaster University UK (LU), and Transnational Academic Group (TAG). Since its launch, LUG has awarded scholarships to deserving students, and in 2022 Transnational Academic Group launched a new scholarship Scheme, to award more generous scholarships to assist you on your University journey and support students from all backgrounds.

Prospective Students are eligible for, and encouraged to apply for the TAG Ghana scholarship on the basis of Academic merit, Financial aid and Change/Community service. You can apply for more than one type of scholarship but you will only be granted one award.

Applicants to the university may apply for the TAG scholarship before or after receiving an offer from Lancaster University Ghana.

Below is a list of scholarships we offer all applicants. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

1. Financial Aid Scholarship – Applicants should be able to demonstrate limited family income and or insufficient funds to cover most or all educational
related expenses.

2. Academic Merit Scholarship – Applicants must have obtained 4 A’s and 1B or better in 5 subjects in WASSCE and a minimum of 4A’s in IGCSE and 2A’s in A Levels for direct entry

3. Change/Community Service Scholarship – Applicants must choose one of the following options:

• Write an essay (1,000 – 1,500 words) on how you intend to make a positive impact on the community/world
with your Lancaster degree after graduation.

• Write an essay (1,000 – 1,500 words) detailing how you have demonstrated service in your high school or community.

Scholarships Awarded

Foundation Programme – up to 50% tuition scholarship

Undergraduate Programmes – up to 40% tuition scholarship

Eligibility criteria

Students at all levels of study are eligible for a TAG Ghana scholarship and all are encouraged to apply.

Applications are individually assessed by the Scholarship Committee and a decision is made on the amount of scholarship to be awarded.

To download a scholarship form, click here

Contact our team for more information on your eligibility for a scholarship.