Christ Jeremie Adoua, ’19

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Lancaster to me was beyond academia; it was an environment for self-discovery. In my second year for instance, I was privileged to assist as a Mathematics Study Buddy to the 2018 cohort (my first time ever), where I learnt more than I taught. It is beyond education, and as an international student from Congo-Brazzaville, I learnt to work and collaborate with other nationals in a diversified community. It all goes without saying that all this wouldn’t have happened without the great lecturers on the Computer Science programme, such as Dr Govindha R Yeluripati and the late Mr Yaw Busia, who guided us throughout the course.

I am currently working with World Food Programme (WFP), as a Volunteering Assistant in the Monitoring and Evaluation / Vulnerability Analysis Mapping (M&E/VAM) Department. It has been an incredible working experience so far, doing something for the greater good by assisting households, infants living in stunting i.e. chronic malnutrition etc. and yet still remaining in my field of study.