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It was a really insightful, interesting and engaging experience working in LUG, as I was able to assimilate distinct knowledge, and acquire new research skills from the various research projects I was engaged in with the Transnational Academic Group (TAG) team in Dubai and Ghana. Furthermore, I was also able to provide academic support to Lancaster University Ghana students in Management and Marketing areas.

The best thing about being a Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant at Lancaster University Ghana, was the wealth and depth of knowledge I was exposed to, and furthermore, positively influenced by professionals who are experts in both industry and academia, which shaped my line of thoughts both in an organizational and academic context. My time at LUG can be encapsulated around three words, Energetic, Entertaining and Exemplary:
  –   Energetic – The competitive atmosphere around each module that I took during my time at LUG required me to be at the top of my game to be able to contribute in class discussions. 
  –   Entertaining – My time at LUG was entertaining, as I was involved in a lot of fun activities such as playing football with friends, attending the cultural day, organizing a mixer and other social activities for my club – Hope Lancaster– on campus, and having interesting conversations on football with my friends. 
  –   Exemplary – At LUG, part of the core values are pursue for excellence, professionalism, engagement and integrity. These are the four key values that I strongly adhered to which made my time at LUG an exemplary one. And these values are one of my major key drivers as I work.

The four key core values – pursuit for excellence, professionalism, engagement and integrity – that I have adhered to during my time at Lancaster strongly prepared me for my job at LUG, as the various research I was engaged in required certain level of professionalism and integrity, all of which could have not been possible if I hadn’t been exposed to these values at Lancaster. Furthermore, these core values are the pillars of building international credibility as this is crucial in my career path in becoming a Business Consultant.

I miss the conversations I had about various business newsworthy headlines with my lecturers and some of my friends from other departments, as these were really insightful and informative. I definitely also miss the ambience within and around the University.

Daniel Adesola Ajibade from Nigeria worked as a Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant in the LUG Business Department for a year after graduating with a BSc (Hons) Business Studies. Daniel was part of the first cohort of LUG students to graduate in 2017, and left LUG in September 2018 for Postgraduate Study as a Commonwealth Scholar.