Jason Nii Lante Mills Lamptey, ’17

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My time at Lancaster University was challenging, interesting, enjoyable and unique. The lecturers and staff were always approachable, friendly and very helpful. Trust me if you have a puzzled look on your face at any point in time someone would come up to you and ask if they could help you out.

I came to appreciate how hands-on and practical the study was during my time there and more so since graduating. It’s clearly a good university that funnels its graduates to top destinations. I had placements at the British High Commission, Kantar TNS and Growth Mosaic, all on account of Lancaster University education.

I am currently a Local Content Manager at Subsea 7 Volta Contractors Limited. My current role is richly rewarding. It has me strategizing and assisting in the development and implementation of Subsea 7’s regulatory strategy and Local Content policy, whilst providing support for the resolution of issues within regulatory parameters.