Naa Kwaley Afua Darko ’18

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The Lancaster community was so close knit and such a wonderful environment to grow in, and the small classes and interaction with the lecturers made it much easier to go through the years in Lancaster despite how rigorous the Law programme’s curriculum was. I feel like I definitely got a well-rounded education because it was not just about the classroom: I was able to improve on all the other key skills needed in life such as communication skills, presentation skills and networking skills, and I am really appreciative of that.

I am currently taking Ghana stock exchange courses in investment and securities as I am on a journey to become an Investment Banker. I aim to become a fund manager. It seems like a far stretch from the law I studied but the transition is smoother than I thought.

Studying Law at Lancaster Universit Ghana helped my advocacy and critical thinking greatly, for which I get commended on frequently; and I also have an amazing relationship with maths which helps as well. The wide ranging activities and symposia at Lancaster taught me how to spread my wings and keep pushing.