Nana Osae Addo-Dankwa

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It also accorded me the rare ability of being able to carefully reflect on past mistakes, poor decisions and bad judgments, knowing very well I will not repeat them. As Founder / C.E.O of InvestEye Capital Partners Limited, I bring all these skills acquired about 10 years ago to bear in the daily execution of my demanding duties. The highlights of my Lancaster MBA Experience as I recollect, was being asked to work in Syndicate Groups with fellow students from diverse backgrounds and cultures that I had nothing in common with. This, in hindsight was the best preparation I needed to face the real business world.

LU and LUG’s alumni engagement has been great with the university going the extra mile in keeping in touch with its Alumni, following their career progress and development, and also keeping us updated through the monthly newsletter. As a Lancaster alumnus and a current Lancaster Recirculate Ambassador, I will recommend the Lancaster MBA / EMBA to anyone who is seriously considering options for further Study.

Nana Osae Addo-Dankwa 
Founder / C.E.O InvestEye Capital Partners Limited.

Studying the MBA at Lancaster University U.K in 2007 broadened my horizons, and catapulted my professional career to an entirely new level. The Lancaster MBA equipped me with the skills to think critically and solve problems.