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Resources and Support for your Studies

Our library provides both a physical and virtual book collection. In addition to borrowing books, students are also able to access thousands of online books, journals and resources.  The library is equipped with study spaces, meeting rooms, and computers for the use of the Lancaster University Ghana community. In addition to this, there is a computer lab facility available next door.  WiFi, printing and scanning facilities are available for students. Every student is given an allowance of 100 pages per semester with no charge, after which each page is chargeable at 20p. 

Borrowing and Renewals

Students are allowed to borrow up to three books for a period of two weeks. Renewals are permitted for an additional two week period, provided that no one else has requested for them. Books may be renewed in person at the library, or through OneSearch.

Requests and Recalls

It is important to remember that the library’s resources are valued and shared by the whole Lancaster University Ghana academic community. Students are therefore requested to respectfully return borrowed books on time. If you need a book and all copies are out on loans, you may request for a copy through OneSearch. Similarly,  books and other items are issued subject to recall. The recall process ensures that items are available for use within a reasonable period by any member of Lancaster University Ghana.

If an item you have on loan is recalled you will receive an email to your Lancaster University Ghana email address asking you to return it within a specified period.

During term-time and the Easter and Summer vacations, you will be asked to return a recalled item within seven days or by the original due date if the item is already due back within seven days or is overdue. You will not be asked to return an item during the Christmas vacation, providing it is not overdue.

Notifications from the Library

Communications from the Library, in line with other official University material, will be sent to your University email address.

You’ll need to check this regularly. If you choose to forward your University email to another account please note that the Library cannot accept responsibility for non-delivery to a non-Lancaster University email address.

Weekly account statement

This has Your Library Account – Weekly Statement in the subject line. You will be emailed it every Monday – it lists the books you have on loan and their due dates. Please check it carefully so you know which need returning or renewing. Overdue and recalled books are highlighted.

Recall email for requested books

This has Your Library book – Recall and/or Change of due date in the subject line.

If somebody requests an item you have on loan you will receive an email giving a recall due date by which the item should be returned. This may be earlier than the original due date and supersedes it. If the item is already overdue or is due back within the next 7 days, the original due date will remain unchanged.


If you have questions, comments, complaints or feedback, please get in touch with Theresa Yemetey on [email protected]