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It has been sixty years since Ghana gained independence. Within that time, there is little doubt that the legal profession has been prominent in affairs of state. It is however a debatable question if the law and lawyers have on the whole contributed positively to Ghana’s development.

There are therefore important questions concerning what role the law and the legal profession will play in Ghana’s future. The Department of Law, Lancaster University Ghana is pleased to dedicate its third annual Law Colloquium to starting a forward looking conversations about the future of the legal profession in Ghana.

Is the profession equipped, is it relevant and it is sufficiently progressive to retain an important place in national affairs and to contribute positively to the development of Ghana?

This year’s colloquium will bring together members of the Bar, the bench and academia to consider the past in order to inform decisions in the future. Contributions are welcome in the following thematic areas and other closely connected areas that fit into the general theme of the 2017 Colloquium:
1. The Place of Law and Lawyers in Ghana’s Development
           a. The legal profession’s contributions to Ghana’s Development; The law and political office; 
2. Legal Education
           a. The structure of legal education; The scope of substantive training in the universities and colleges; distance education in law; the need for centralised Professional legal education through the Ghana School of Law; the optimal length of legal training; Assessment in legal education relevant to the future of the professional, proposals for experiential learning and legal clinics; the relevance of post-graduate qualifications; standards in law teachers’ education
3. Ethics in Legal Training and/or Practice
           a. Ethical conduct in legal training and practice; making ethics an important part of the profession’s identity; judiciary’s role in ensuring ethical conduct of the Bar
4. Post-Qualification Practical Training
           a. Continuing Professional Legal Education; Early practitioner assistance in law firms; The role of firms in further post-qualification training
5. Legal practice
           a. The structure of law firms; speed in justice delivery; court fees and justice; the growth of specialised practice: merits and demerits; particular rules of court and implications for justice delivery; recourse to      means of alternative dispute resolution.
14th August, 2017 –  Deadline for receipt of titles and abstracts
21st August, 2017 –  Communication of Acceptance of Abstracts
8th September, 2017 – Receipt of Extended Abstracts and Structure of Full Paper – 2000 words maximum
15th September, 2017 –  Decision on Extended Abstracts 
2nd November, 2017 –  Colloquium Day
30 November, 2017 – Submission of Full Papers
15 December, 2017 – Communication of Editors’ and Reviewers’ Comments
30 December, 2017 –  Receipt of Final papers
February, 2018  – Publication of Papers in Special Edition of the Lancaster University Ghana Law Journal
Abstracts, other requested preparatory material, final papers and other communication relating to the Colloquium should be sent to Kenneth Ghartey ([email protected]) and copied to Kwame Agyeman ([email protected]) with “2017 Colloquium” and other description in the subject line of the e-mail.
Dr. Ernest Owusu-Dapaa – KNUST/Lancaster University Ghana, Kwame Agyeman – Lancaster University Ghana, and Kenneth Ghartey- Lancaster University Ghana; Ms. Nnenna Ifeanyi-Ajufo – Lancaster University Ghana and Mrs. Maame Yaa Barnes – Lancaster University Ghana