Alumni Spotlight: Defying the status quo and breaking the glass ceiling – Hauwa Ibrahim Aminu ‘19

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Currently a lecturer teaching programming at Nile University of Nigeria in Abuja, Nigeria, Hauwa Ibrahim Aminu’19 started her journey as a programmer while a student at Lancaster University Ghana where she studied Computer Science. While on campus, Hauwa developed her first application called JupiMart. JupiMart is an augmented reality-based mobile application for online shoppers that provides users with features that enables them to see a 3D representation of a product in real time.

After graduating from Lancaster University Ghana in 2019, Hauwa went on to study MSc Business Information and Systems Management at Middlesex University in Mauritius, where she developed her second application, also in augmented reality: ArchiScope.

“I wanted to develop an application for architects to help improve communication between them and their clients” Hauwa explains. “I noticed that a lot of architects would show clients blueprints of their houses or a 3D version of it, but it was still not very interactive. There was still a problem of communication with what the client sees in the blue print and the final results they see, so I asked myself, what can be done to bridge this gap and help clients get a feel of the actual outcome of their homes? And that’s when I came up with the idea for Archiscope.”

With a lot of architects and building professionals picking interest in her work, Hauwa is now responsible for making an innovative application that shows you a mini version of your dream home in real life and experience how the final outcome of it will be to help bridge the communication gap between architects and their clients. “I realized Nigeria would need an application like this and I’m happy a lot of people are eager to see the final application on the app store”.

Overtime, being a young female breaking the glass ceiling in STEM and inspiring a lot of young ladies to reach for the stars, Hauwa caught the eye of the first lady of the republic of Nigeria, Mrs Aisha Buhari who celebrated her achievement on social media via a viral Instagram post. This got her a feature on BBC pidgin and she has since featured in a lot of magazines and newspapers all over Nigeria.

” I am really grateful to Lancaster University Ghana for being instrumental to my journey” Hauwa shared. “Thanks to Lancaster that I am who I am today. I am happy I have become an inspiration not only to my family and friends, but to my country Nigeria and to young girls in my country and beyond.