Autism Awareness Marathon

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Lancaster University Ghana, through the LUG Olympic Club and the Community Engagement Office launched an Autism Awareness Marathon dubbed “Run for Autism” in March 2016.

Students and staff came together to raise awareness on Autism as well as raise funds. The project involved education on autism, fundraising, the marathon and finally a donation to the Autism Action Ghana organisation.
The marathon drew participants from local universities, the Ghana Triathlon Association and other curious and health conscious individuals. It was a competitive one with winners in each category walking away with prize money. Those in second and third places received medals for their effort. All participants received certificates and refreshments were served.
Proceeds from the marathon was donated towards the building of an autism clinic. The Lancaster University Ghana Olympic Club looks forward to holding the marathon annually in its bid to ensure inclusivity. 
About Autism
Autism is a disorder of the growing brain. It used to stand on its own but now a part of the Autism Spectrum Disorders that includes other disorders such as Sensory disorders and Aspergers.
For persons with autism, social interaction is not a natural occurrence. Most people do not have to learn how make eye contact or point for things they want, in order to communicate their needs to others. For persons with autism, these do not come naturally. People with autism have to learn these things among others.
Autism Spectrum Disorder is not infectious, it’s not a consequence of bad parenting, and there is currently no known cure. It is however treatable! Many therapies exist to help persons with autism learn to cope with the world around them.