Careers and Employability event updates for October 2016

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Career Planning for Accounting & Finance students – Employability Workshop
A three-day intensive employability workshop was organized for LUG second and final year Accounting students on Friday, October 28 to Sunday, October 30. The idea of this workshop was to equip the students with the core skills and knowledge required for effective career planning and to develop critical skills relating to teamwork, business analysis, presentations and report writing.
We had in this workshop mid-senior level professionals in the Accounting and Finance field to share their career journey with the students, as well as a panel discussion where selected HR professionals walked the students through what they look out for when recruiting a graduate for an entry level position in Accounting/Finance. 
As part of helping students get ready for the corporate world, students had the opportunity to role play with the HR professionals on interview skills.
Students also got the chance to network with high profile business executives for future career opportunities and coaching. 
It was such an exciting and educative workshop as students and professionals gave great feedback and encouraged the Careers department to have more of these events for students studying other programmes.
Effective strategies to getting your first international affairs job – Seminar
This session featured Andrew Defor, Career Diplomat and an experienced international relations professional development trainer who has successfully trained individuals to prepare themselves for finding work at international organizations efficiently. 
This seminar was organized for all students who were interested in working in any foreign affairs agency, especially the United Nations and to give them an idea of what it takes to apply or enter these institutions.
It was very educative and interactive as most of the students got the opportunity to ask questions and exposed to career/internship opportunities available to them.
“Making the most of your time in the university to build your employability skills” – Seminar for Foundation students
The Careers Office had its first engagement with the new Foundation cohort. Students were encouraged to make the most of their time while in Lancaster to be well-balanced and ready for the graduate world after completing school.
They were taken through a series of employability skills that are needed to stand out in the corporate environment, which they could take advantage of the opportunities at Lancaster to acquire or hone such skills. 
Information session with SEO Africa
As part of the Careers Department’s objective to expose Lancaster students to more international job/internship opportunities, there was a briefing with SEO Africa to introduce global opportunities that our students can leverage on. 
SEO Africa is a non-profit leadership development organization, established in Ghana in 2012 to select, train and mentor Ghanaian and Nigerian university students to provide them with corporate access into international investment banks (Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merrill Lynch) and into the Ghanaian financial services, oil and gas and telecommunications sectors.
This information session was very successful as most of the students who attended found it worthwhile and have applied to the Spring and Summer internship programmes for next year.
Agile in Africa Workshop
This workshop was an opportunity for our Computer Science students to learn more about Agile principles, technologies, processes, and frameworks to transform and drive projects or an entire organisation. 
The team visited Lancaster University to engage with our Computer Science students on what a modern and successful organisation looks like in the 21st Century Digital Age.
They were challenged to think and act “Agile” in their everyday lives, especially in their projects at school. In attendance was LUG Computer Science lecturers who found this conference very useful and encouraged their students to attend the main conference which took place at Labadi Beach Hotel from October 25 – 27.
Students found the sessions very insightful and worthwhile, as they took advantage of the conference to network with high profile business executives who attended the events.