Computer Science Week Celebration 2023

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Computer Science week is hosted annually and provides an opportunity for students, faculty  and alumni to join in a variety of academic and social activities intended to enhance student learning.

This year’s computer science week took place on 13th to 17th March 2023. The theme for this year’s week celebration was “Simplicity in technology”. Throughout the week’s celebration, there were a series of interactive events and opportunities for students to interact with industry professionals.

Interactive Tech Talk – 13th March 2023

The first day of the Computer Science Week celebration brought in seasoned speakers for a mini seminar series. We were honoured to have Andy Korshie-Sherrie (Lead technical and game developer at Nubian VR), Kinsley Budali (Founder and lead game designer at Budali Studios) and Selasie Awity (Founder and CEO of Dobiison). 

Departmental hangout (Arena 233) – 14th March 2023

The second day of the computer science week celebration was a breath of fresh air as students got the chance to take a break from school and have fun at arena 233. 

Arduino Board Workshop – 16th March 2023

A practical workshop on designing an arduino board was held to give students basic knowledge of an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software.

CS Alumni Session – 17th March 2023

The week-long celebration climaxed with a computer science alumni session. Current students had the opportunity to learn about the various career paths they can explore and got an insight about how life after Lancaster Ghana is by listening to the experiences of alumni.