Environmental Sustainability – The Great Debate

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On the 24th of February, as part of the Love Your Environment month campaign by the Community Engagement Office, Lancaster University Ghana students hosted Ashesi University College students and debated together on the motion: Environmental Destruction and Climate Change Issues Will Be Solved Through Individual Action

These students, owing to ideological differences formed joint team dependent on those for or against the motion.
The students debated using the Doha style which allows for participation by the audience. A poll taken at the debate showed that 84.3% of the audience believed that climate change can be solved by individual action. Upon hearing arguments from both sides only 50.9% of the audience believed that climate change will be solved by individual action.
The debate served as both an eye opener and a reminder that environmental change is happening as a result of both individual and state actions.
The debate was judged by Mrs Badoo (Deputy Director for Built Environment, Environmental Protection Agency), Ms. Coomerene Rodrigo (Academic advisor at Lancaster University Ghana) and Alice Judell (Political Science lecturer at Lancaster University Ghana)
The team that was against the motion that Environmental destruction and climate change issues will be solved through individual action carried the day having won over the heart of the audience.