Executive Mayor of Johannesburg visits Lancaster University Ghana

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The executive Mayor for the city of Johannesburg, Cllr. Mpho Parks Tau visited Lancaster on Friday, 20th November, 2015 to talk to the Lancaster community and some invited guests on “The Future for Modern Cities”.

He clearly outlined his visions as a mayor for the people of Johannesburg, as well as some developments he has made so far, and hopes to do during his tenure. His ultimate objective is to see a sustainable city where basic social amenities are accessible to the people of Johannesburg. He talked about improving the transportation system, making quality food accessible to the people by linking the roads from the rural areas to the city.

It is the dream of Cllr. Mpho Parks Tau to see Johannesburg entirely taken off the list of one of the most dangerous cities in the world. As such he has put measures in place to ensure that there is tight security in the city of Johannesburg which he believes will go further to attract investors. 

The mayor expressed his passion for the youth, and how he will help equip them with the right skills to be attractive to world class employers, and increase demand for local talents for their indigenous and foreign businesses in Johannesburg. 

The staff, students and invited guests had the opportunity to ask questions and also share their thoughts on the topic of discussion. It was an inspiring and worthwhile presentation by Cllr. Mpho Parks Tau.