Gauteng Premier, David Makhura Visits LUG

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We were privileged to have the Premier of the Gauteng Province of South Africa visit our campus and give a guest lecture on the theme: Africa Rising.

Mr Makhura began his lecture by pointing out the importance of structural transformation in Africa, and how that aids growth and development. ‘We must first ask this question: Is Africa undergoing structural transformation?’, Mr Makhura said. 
The Gauteng Premier then commented on Africa’s progress, the setbacks and what Africans need to do to ensure that the Africa Rising theme is kept alive. ‘We need to check Africa’s progress towards unity and continental cooperation. Africa has made tremendous progress, but we still need to do much more. The world is going through an unprecedented level of urbanisation which is happening everywhere today.Urbanisation offers better prospects only in cities that are properly structured’, Mr Makhura said. 
Mr Makhura also stressed on the importance of significant investment in the youth and creating employment, and stated that all developing countries must adopt a growth model that includes the youth, and women, as without them growth will not be sustainable.
After the guest lecture Mr Makhura was presented with some Ghanaian gifts by our Provost, Mr John Grainger and took a group photograph will all attendees.