Lancaster Executive MBA welcomes 2016-18 cohort

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An exciting and game-changing experience awaits new students who joined the Lancaster Executive MBA programme 2016 -18 cohort in September 2016.

Around them as they sit down in class will be the unfamiliar faces of peers from different countries, each of whom has a different cultural background and set of unique viewpoints. But those faces won’t be unfamiliar for long: among them will be future friends, business partners and lifelong acquaintances, whose diverse cultures and perspectives will contribute to the mutual development of the whole cohort.

The new intake can look forward to a multicultural learning environment.  The Lancaster EMBA cohorts are international and includes students from Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Togo, China, Lebanon, Canada, and Cote D’Ivoire amongst others.

This two-year deep dive into career and personal development will be life changing for the students who have joined the programme. With a minimum of five years’ work experience, these students will tackle challenges together, learning alongside and from each other both inside and outside the classroom.

The Lancaster Executive MBA is designed for experienced managers, professionals and executives who are time-hungry and want to optimize their studying. Block scheduling, with short but intensive modules away from the workplace, has the benefit of focused learning followed by 6-8 week periods for implementation.

 Lancaster Management School has achieved top rankings in the UK for teaching and research for more than a decade. Our teaching of corporate strategy and international business has, in particular, received significant recognition recently, with a position of 1 and 5 respectively in The Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2016.

Our unique concept of Action learning, which shapes the entire programme design, will benefit the personal development of the student as well as that of their organizations. You will also gain from small class sizes, typically between 25 and 35 students in each cohort, which nurtures a high level of interaction between class members and strong, supportive working relationships.

See online brochure for more information about the Lancaster Executive MBA