Lancaster International Cultural Exchange Programme 2016

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Every summer, students from Lancaster University Ghana (LUG) visit Lancaster University (UK) for the International Cultural Exchange Programme. 

This year, 23 students and a faculty member is participating in this cultural exchange.
The International Cultural Exchange is an exciting programme that Lancaster University Students Union (LUSU) delivers on behalf of Lancaster University. The exchange involves students from the UK, China, Ghana, Nigeria, India, Malaysia, Pakistan and Palestine, Singapore etc.
The 180 visiting students from different parts of the world will stay in Lancaster UK for three weeks. They will get the chance to experience life in Lancaster, get involved in academic activities, community volunteering projects and social events, enjoy a chance to explore London and develop new skills.
While at Lancaster UK, our students will get the opportunity to connect with members of partner campuses worldwide with the aim of creating and maintaining an international network, sharing experiences and developing new perspectives. It also equips students with a sense of cultural sensitivity in that they are able to learn more about the cultural, political and social life of students from other participating countries.