Lancaster University Ghana is set to expand as enrolments surge

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Lancaster University opened its Ghana campus in 2013 with its partner Trans National Education Ghana Limited (TNE). Since then the number of students has grown from 67 to 225. The University’s portfolio of 10 programmes matches the demands of the West African employment market, and includes foundation, undergraduate and master’s courses. Students come from 15 nationalities, the largest groups being from Ghana and Nigeria. 

In 2013, the University launched in Ghana with facilities in East Legon, the University is looking at expanding by taking additional space in the A & C Square development.

Raghav Lal, Executive Director of Lancaster University Ghana, said “the expansion of the campus is a result of the university’s strategic direction and growth plans. With the increasing demand, we need continuously focus on quality of our teaching infrastructure and student experience.”

“Since our inception two years ago we have achieved exceptional results and growth through excellence in teaching, innovation, and developing a world class student experience in Ghana. I am extremely proud of our team and these achievements”, said Rakesh Wahi, Co-Founder of Lancaster University Ghana/TNE

The campus expansion will feature additional lecture theatres and tutorial rooms. Undergraduate students enjoy a maximum class size of 15 in the tutorials whilst the lecture size is 60 students. The combined capacity across both locations will allow the University to grow up to 1,000 students across its foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The university will soon be releasing information on the inauguration of the new campus.

For more information, contact us on 054 0126446 / 0209607008 or [email protected]

If you would like to visit the campus and see the proposed facilities, there is a Campus Open Day on Thursday 28 August, 2015 at the Lancaster University Ghana campus in East Legon near A&C Sqaure.