Lancaster University Ghana (LUG) welcomes new students

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Lancaster University Ghana welcomed its undergraduate Class of 2019 and foundation Class of 2020 to the new academic year 2016/2017 in October 2016.

From admissions and student orientation sessions throughout the week to getting acclimatised to the new environment, LUG’s first-year students have already started building their exciting and varied array of Lancaster experiences.
Since its inception in 2013, LUG has welcomed a unique set of students – both Ghanaian and international, to join its community every year. The university organises annual induction programmes to prepare the students for the next four years at the school. Sessions by the registry department and faculty members during the induction provided valuable information about academic programmes and academic progression requirements.
Student Affairs Office, Careers and Employability Department and Student Council addressed career support and opportunities; the student council discussed its responsibilities and the various social and sports activities on the extra-curricular calendar. Another key presentation by Deputy Provost, Dr. Cynthia Forson emphasized academic expectations and issues of academic integrity, such as plagiarism.
In his welcome address, Prof. John Grainger, warmly welcomed the students, saying, “My team of education professionals are thrilled that you have joined our prestigious institution of higher education. We’re very pleased to have you join us, and I hope that you have a euphoric and productive time here.” 
Celebrating its third year in Ghana, Lancaster University Ghana has enrolled over 450 foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate students for the 2016/2017 academic year.  LUG is the only branch campus of the highly ranked Lancaster University in Africa. All academic programmes in Ghana have the same validation and monitoring systems as the UK home campus, with the same examinations taken simultaneously on both campuses. At present, LUG offers a tailor-made foundation programme; eight undergraduate courses in a range of areas, including the social sciences, law and business; and an Executive MBA programme. Our foundation programme is the only one of its kind on the African continent officially accredited by the British Accreditation Council; the school is also licensed locally by the National Accreditation Board, Ghana.