Lancaster University Ghana Trains 21 Vodafone Staff On AI & ML

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Twenty-one staff of Vodafone Ghana in Accra have completed training on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) conducted by Lancaster University Ghana (LUG).

The course, which was facilitated by the Deputy Head of the LUG Computer Science Department, Dr. Pius Gadosey, focused on introducing AI and ML concepts, algorithms, practical applications, current possibilities, and limitations.
The eight weeks of training also shed light on the need for responsible AI research and development and how businesses can leverage it for growth.

At the closing ceremony, the Provost of LUG Dr. Emmanuel Arthur underscored the essence of the training, reiterating the need for the individual to learn continually to advance their career path due to the evolving nature of the work and technological space.

He explained that the university is on the course of helping institutions bridge gaps in terms of needed skill sets and equipping them for efficiency and career progression.

“Lancaster University Ghana has recognized that although people have qualifications from universities, there are specific skills that the industry is looking for. And we have recognized gaps in those skills, so what we are doing as an institution is talking to industry to understand what the skill gaps are, and when those are identified, we provide training in that regard, strictly tailored to their needs,’ he told the B&FT.

This, he is confident, will better position organisations to meet market demands and needs in the light of changing customer experiences.

“Any organization that is not taking AI seriously has a big problem because the technological space is one that every organization must looked out for,” he said.

Dr. Arthur added that: “Career progression and enhancement is an institutional responsibility but also importantly the responsibility of the individual in the quest to fashion out their career hence the need to invest the available resources to make the best of their qualification.”


Head of Enterprise Solutions at Vodafone Ghana, Danso Kwakye told the B&FT in an interview that the course is crucial for taking data-based decisions.

“It is very insightful and practical and will help me in the way we design solutions for our enterprise customers and make sure that these solutions go a long way to delight our customers,” he added.

The business performance manager at the Enterprise Business Unit, Sophia Otu-Ayeh is certain the training will help her better forecast numbers and understand the prescription and description of numbers and revenue forecasting to help the organization project into the future.

“The entire experience was very insightful because it helps move our analysis from descriptive to predictive and there is no better way than using AI and ML, which means one will get a more efficient module to help the analysis that we currently do,” another data analyst,” Torikubu Omar added.

The trainees have varied backgrounds ranging from Data Analysis, Performance Analytics, Software Engineering, Mobile Money Specialization, and Revenue Assurance Analysts.

The training forms part of Lancaster University Ghana’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programmes and short courses aimed at developing skills and enhancing the knowledge of individuals and their organisations. Introduced in April 2022, the suite of open courses is available to working professionals and can be delivered at the workplace or at the LUG campus at Tantra Hill.

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