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The Law Week, which commenced on the 23rd of March and ended on the 29th,  was organised by The Lancaster Law Society to foster greater fellowship between the members of the legal fraternity at the Law department of LUG. It also strives to build an affinity between the LUG’s Law programme and that of its parent campus Lancaster University UK and other universities within Ghana. The theme for the week was “Igniting The Spirit Of The Law“. It was a unique celebration in the sense that the opening ceremony for the Law Week was held simultaneously with the welcome ceremony for the delegation from Lancaster UK’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS).

A series of activities marked the week-long celebration. During the inauguration, Dr. Thomas Stephens, a leading name in the field of oil and gas law in Ghana, spoke on the spirit of the law and what igniting it entails. 

The Law Society members took a trip to Nsawam Prison. The aim of the trip was to help these young aspiring lawyers understand the workings of a wheel of the criminal justice system that is the prison services. A symposium was also held. In attendance were students and staff from different disciplines such as criminology, religion and law at Lancaster University UK, as well as Lancaster Ghana Law Society members. They addressed various legal issues, enlightening the audience on pertinent matters that arose from diverse legal questions that have probed the minds of both legal and academic philosophers. 

A major part of the celebration was the 2nd Annual Inter-University Debate. The topic of the debate was whether West African countries deserved reparation for the slave trade. There were three participants each for both sides, which included students from Lancaster University UK, Lancaster University Ghana and University of Ghana, Legon.  The debate was followed by a trip to  Bojo Beach. A Tag Word Competition was held on Friday, when two groups were pitted against each other with the aim of throwing tag words back and forth that are factual enough to be associated with a case, but difficult to place within the context of any case.

The Law Week climaxed with a formal dinner on Saturday night. It was the culminating event of the week, attended by invited guests and LUG faculty and staff.

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