LUG Foundation Students Present Innovative Business Ideas

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LUG Foundation students recently showcased their innovative business ideas as part of their coursework in Innovative Management and Leadership. The assignment required students to develop a business idea, create a comprehensive business model, and pitch their concept.

One group of students developed a jewelry business named Bijou by Rosa, focusing on unique, handcrafted pieces that blend traditional Ghanaian designs with modern aesthetics. Their business model emphasized sustainability, using locally sourced materials, and promoting ethical production practices. Key aspects included a strong online presence, partnerships with local artisans, and a marketing strategy targeting local and international markets.

Another group presented a facilities management company offering comprehensive services for residential and commercial properties. Their business included cleaning, maintenance, security, and landscaping, focusing on leveraging advanced technology for efficient service delivery. The business model emphasized customer satisfaction and plans for scalability and regional expansion.

The course aims to equip students with practical skills for the business environment, encouraging creativity and strategic thinking. These presentations reflect the high level of talent and innovation among our foundation students.