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On Monday 21st September, 2020, we celebrated our first virtual graduation ceremony for our fourth undergraduate graduating cohort. This ceremony was held online and presided over by Lancaster’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Andy Schofield.

Since our inauguration in 2013, LUG has grown from 67 students, to over 500 students, with now over 400 alumni from our campus in Accra. LUG offers the same high quality Lancaster degree right here in Accra.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in many exchange programmes throughout their academic journey. Alumni have gone on to further study in countries such including Mauritius, the UK, the USA and others, or to work in industry sectors including telecommunication, education, banking and finance and oil and gas, with a number of them having started their own businesses after graduation.

At this year’s virtual graduation, the university awarded ninety seven (97) students Bachelor’s Degrees in the following courses: Economics and International Relations, Politics and International Relations, Accounting and Finance, Computer Studies, Business Studies, Marketing and Law. This cohort is one of our most diverse graduating classes to date, with students from countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, Togo, Sierra Leone, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Lebanon and Switzerland. This cohort completed their third and final term, and final exams completely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making them a very unique and exceptional batch of students to achieve this milestone against all odds.

Degrees were conferred by the Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster University, Professor Andy Schofield, who said “Today we celebrate each of your achievements in proving that you have the resilience as well as the intelligence to rise to a challenge. The degree you have earned from this University is a passport – should you choose to use it – to a lifetime of opportunity.” The Vice-Chancellor told the LUG Graduates “You are our greatest ambassadors and amongst you there are the people who will shape and lead tomorrow’s societies. I am sure you will make us all proud of what you achieve, but I hope you feel that your degree and time with us will have helped you achieve that. Our hope is that, wherever your future takes you, you will continue to represent your alma mater by becoming engaged in your local communities, helping us build our reputation as a world-leading institution and changing the world for the better”

 During the CEO’s Address, Mr Chris Pilgrim, CEO of Transnational Academic Group Ghana told the graduates “Your nations and the continent are resource rich; you are riding on a wave of unprecedented population growth; innovation and technology are creating disruption and opportunity; and you are smart, determined, and persistent.  The time is now for you to bring to bear your new found knowledge, your entrepreneurial spirit, your ingenuity, your persistence, and your fearlessness.  Each of you has a rare opportunity to shape Africa’s future, and so go out there and do just that.”

Oluwatofunmi Precious Temowo, Chancellor’s Medal Recipient

Princess Portia Naa Lamiley Mills, Founders’ Award Recipient

At the ceremony, special awards were presented to outstanding students for their academic achievements. The Chancellor’s Medal was awarded to Oluwatofunmi Precious Temowo (BSc Hons Computer Science), for being the most meritorious students in the cohort. In addition, The Founders’ Award, which recognises the students who best embody the values of TAG (Loyalty, Integrity, Attitude, Competence and Commitment), and has demonstrated this throughout their time at the University, was presented to Princess Portia Naa Lamiley Mills.  The Lancaster Award, which acknowledges students’ extracurricular activities which enhance employability was also presented to six students.

Congratulations to our undergraduate Class of 2020! Click here to watch the Graduation Ceremony.