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Last Friday, LUG hosted a highly successful brunch with representatives from 15 corporate organizations and 31 participants. The event, aimed at strengthening ties between the university and the corporate sector, began with an introduction by the Deputy Provost, Professor Cynthia Forson.

In her opening remarks, Professor Cynthia Forson warmly welcomed the corporate bodies and provided an overview of Lancaster University Ghana and its parent campus in the UK. She emphasized the university’s commitment to fostering strong industry-academic partnerships.

The Acting CEO and Provost, Dr. Emmanuel Arthur, highlighted the importance of these partnerships, stressing the need for ongoing collaboration to benefit both the university and the corporate entities. Dr. Arthur elaborated on several key initiatives at LUG, including the emerging AI lab, which promises to be a hub of innovation and research. He also discussed the potential for LUG students to embark on exchange programs outside Ghana, earning certificates that recognize their international study experiences. Additionally, Dr. Arthur mentioned technology integration in law education at LUG, preparing students for the future of legal practice.

Representatives from various esteemed organizations attended the event, including:

The event concluded with an engaging Q&A session, where participants could ask questions and share their thoughts. Mr. Kojo Larbi from Stanbic Bank Ghana expressed his appreciation for the impactful work being done at LUG, underscoring the positive impression the university has made on its partners. Jennifer from Atlantis Radio highlighted the need for LUG to incorporate students in their interviews, emphasizing the importance of giving students practical experience. Anita Yankey from CFAO remarked, “The session was very informative and insightful. I had the opportunity to network with other corporate bodies and look forward to future sessions.” Mr. Solomon Agbemenya from S&D Chartered Accountants also praised the event, saying, “The event was well organized from the kickoff to the warm welcome by the staff of LUG. The ambiance of the venue was an excellent choice, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and comfort.”.

After the formal sessions, attendees had brunch and the chance to network, which helped create relationships and have conversations that would hopefully result in successful partnerships.

This event marks a significant step in LUG’s ongoing efforts to build robust partnerships with the corporate sector, enhancing educational and professional opportunities for its students and stakeholders.