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A few months ago we announced that our campus would be relocating from the A&C Mall in East Legon to Tantra Hill, and this is to give you an update on the move and share some important dates. Our A&C Campus is now closed, and we are in the process of moving to the TAG Ghana Campus situated at No. 44 Eagle Lane Tantra Hill ( ). The new campus will be open from 4th October, 2021 ahead of the start of the new Academic year from 11th October, 2021 for undergraduate students and 25th October, 2021 for foundation students.

The new campus boasts free fibre broadband connection throughout the facility and a selection of state-of-the-art learning spaces and classrooms that are equipped with interactive systems designed to enhance student visualisation and creativity, and further provide innovative learning experiences for them. In addition to conventional classrooms, there will be Smart Classrooms with Smart Boards to facilitate group-based learning as well as idea generation and sharing among students and faculty.

Although the development process of the facility is in phases, the new Lancaster University Ghana campus will also have an on-site cafeteria, which will offer a variety of food and beverages for students, staff, and visitors as well as a multi-purpose sports complex designed for the recreational needs of the LUG community. In addition to the continued observation and strict enforcement of COVID-19 protocols, there is a focus on ensuring the comprehensive welfare of our students; so, our new campus design is fused with social facilities that offer students safe accommodation, and those important extracurricular activities that are an integral part of their experience. There is on-site Hostel accommodation for both male and female students, a dedicated breakout area, where students can relax, rejuvenate, and socialize, as well as dedicated prayer rooms for students and staff.

Click here to watch video about our campus move.

We look forward to hosting you on our campus soon! If you have any queries relating to the relocation, please email [email protected]

Thank you and continue to stay safe.

Kind regards,

Professor Malcolm McIver,

Provost & CEO, Lancaster University Ghana