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Vice-President Education, Ben Harper and LUSU Overseas International Programme Coordinator, Tom Fox travelled to Lancaster University Ghana to deliver a PlayStation so students from both campuses can connect and play online.

The project was made possible by funding from Santander Universities, with the remit of creating digital connections between the two campuses, sees a digital link between the two campuses and is all about bringing students from the Lancaster University Ghana campus and the Lancaster University Bailrigg campus together to socialise and share experiences.
Tom Fox said, “This will hopefully be the start of LUSU and LUG creating more projects to bring students with similar interests together to communicate globally.”
VP Ben Harper travelled over to the LUG to launch the project in Ghana and handed control over to Micah, LUG Gaming Society President, while LUSU President Will Hedley took the controls in the UK. Two identical PS4’s were bought with the same games so that the students could play each other online. The first game between LUG students and Lancaster students was Pro-Evolution soccer and the LUG students won 1-0 against the Bailrigg campus, with them playing as Ghana and us as England. Microphones and cameras have also been bought for both campuses so that the students can talk to and see each other as they play.
In the future, LUG and Lancaster UK will create a timetable so that students from Lancaster UK and LUG can play each other on a daily basis, ensuring that more connections are made.
Thank you to Standander Universities UK for making this project possible.