Roman Ridge School Visits Lancaster University Ghana

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In the spirit of fostering educational connections and providing students with a glimpse into the realm of higher education, Lancaster University Ghana warmly welcomed Roman Ridge School on the 7th of December. The visit was not just a tour of our campus but an immersive experience that allowed students to engage with faculty, the Student Representative Council (SRC), the provost, and our dedicated Admission team.

The day commenced with an exploration of our academic landscape. Students were guided through the various departments, state-of-the-art facilities, and vibrant study spaces that define the academic experience at Lancaster University Ghana.

Our esteemed faculty members opened their doors to the visiting students. In sessions, academic professionals shared insights into their respective fields, the innovative teaching methods employed, and the collaborative learning environment that defines Lancaster University Ghana.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) played a pivotal role in the visit, providing a student’s perspective on life at Lancaster University Ghana. From sharing their personal journeys to illustrating the vibrant extracurricular scene.

Lancaster University Ghana looks forward to welcoming these bright minds into our community.