Send-Off Celebration For Our Pre–Foundation Class of 2022

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On Thursday, 15th December, 2022 we organised a send-off celebration event to congratulate our Pre-Foundation students for their hard work and dedication to completing the Pre-Foundation Programme offered at Lancaster University Ghana successfully.

This programme is designed for high school students who do not meet our entry requirements and gives them the opportunity to upgrade their skills to secure a place in our Foundation programme.

Some testimonials from our Pre-Foundation class of 2022:

“I love my experience here in LUG. And I’m hoping my results are accepted so I join in January. Another experience I love so much is the friendly relationship students have with lecturers. It’s so amazing. This doesn’t normally happen in other schools, and I’m so impressed. And about the match experience too, seeing the provost jubilate with us was so relaxing and exciting. Never experienced a teacher and student relationship like this before. It has always been the strict relationship type. Overall, I love my experience here in Lancaster so much, and I’m definitely here to stay for more exciting ones.”

“It’s been great. I mean I got a taste of every course, had a feel of the teaching learning experience. Lecturers are awfully nice and the provost too. These activities also pushed me. My ability to avail myself to different courses has challenged my ability to think and has also expanded my reach. Before I knew no word of computer science but now, I know what ‘algorithm’ is, a little about coding and more. It’s also a good program because it’s gotten me to be comfortable and conversant with the environment, this means, I would have a much easier time when I start officially. I also had the pleasure of meeting the CEO. It’s amazing how authorities here are rather humble and approachable. The extra-curricular activities too are great. I joined the basketball team, which was very welcoming. We had a game night.  The students are also generally polite to strangers. It’s also a conducive learning area.”