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The Masterclass themed “Strategic Management” was designed to give a more practical insight into the module (Corporate Finance) that was taught during the Executive MBA class.

“Strategic Management” was delivered by Bernard Forson (Managing Director, Omnibridge Holdings).  He began by giving an essential breakdown of generalised strategic planning model using the telecom industry as a case study.  Mr Forson highlighted the importance of environmental assessment, strategic objectives and valuation as well as other factors that go into an efficient planning model.
Mr Forson also explained the importance of the whole company being involved in developing the overall company strategy so that everyone feels they are a stakeholder in the long run.
Mr. Bernard Aidoo Forson, Jr. is a management executive with over twenty-five (25) years’ experience. He holds a Masters in Business Administration, in Corporate Finance & International Business, from the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Ghana, Legon.
Functionally, Bernard held various positions in Strategic Planning & Management, Corporate Development, Business Development, Corporate Finance and Treasury Management. 
His accomplishments, particularly in the business of wireless communication management and in the development of effective regulatory frameworks have been outstanding. He has developed very high competencies in a number of functional areas; including but not limited to: Strategic Planning; Organizational Development; Corporate Finance; Investment Planning Analysis & Management; Corporate Development; Financial Planning, Analysis & Management; Market Planning, Development & Implementation 
Bernard’s strong leadership skills, adaptive capacity and ability to grasp the nuances of various social, political, and economic environments he operates in, along with his capacity to evaluate challenges and opportunities from multiple angles, are a portfolio of acquired & learned skill that have and continue to enable him to successfully tackle complex operational & organizational challenges & exploit opportunities in various countries & markets he has operated in.
Presently, Bernard is the Chief Strategic Officer of Omnibridge Holdings, a strategy management consulting and business advisory firm.