The 3rd Annual Inter-university Debate

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The University of Ghana Debate Society on Wednesday September 9th 2015, hosted students and officials from Lancaster University Ghana and Lancaster University UK in the 3rd edition of the inter-university debate competition at the Yiri Lodge. This is an event which seeks to bring together students from Lancaster University UK, Lancaster University Ghana and University of Ghana to deliberate on global issues using debate and to create and foster good relations and network among the three universities. 

Officials present at the event included the Director of Sports; Prof John Grainger, Provost of Lancaster University Ghana; and Students Affairs Manager of Lancaster University, Mr Stanley Osei Bonsu Dr Bella Bello Bitugu, Assistant Registrar at the Sports Directorate; Mrs Regina Afari Boateng; Mr Derrick Charway, Sports Organizer and official in charge of debate. 

The debate was structured on the Westminster style of debate, where six (6) participants were grouped in a team of three (3) each. Each team was categorized either FOR or AGAINST the motion. With this style, the motion is giving to the participants in the two groups to prepare and do more research on the topic before they engage the house. 

The first speakers from each side, who are the principal speakers, present the case of their side for 7 minutes, the second speakers do rebuttals and extend the case of their principal speakers, after which questions are taken from the audience, and the third speakers summarize the case of their side and conclude the debate.

The motion for the day, “That the European Union is justified in closing its borders to immigrants from Middle East and North Africa” saw Prince Asamoah (UG),  Diane (Lancaster Ghana) and Aerin  (Lancaster UK) represent the Proposition point while Akosua  Agyepong (UG), Etornam Kwaku Wuaku (Lancaster Ghana) and Gabriela Rezetko  (Lancaster UK) represented the Opposition side. 

Mrs Regina Afari Boateng, Prof. John Grainger and Mr Stanley Osei  Bonsu were the judges for the event. The proposition side won the debate with Aerin from Lancaster UK being adjudged the Best Speaker for the day. She thanked the organisers for the eye opener since this was her first time debating.

Prof Grainger, Provost of Lancaster University Ghana  expressed satisfaction at the depth of knowledge of speakers and urged all and sundry to continue to use debate as a means of discussing and resolving issues rather than the use of arms.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Bitugu reiterated the importance of debate in youth empowerment and development. He added further that debate does not only serve as an avenue for training of the youth for future opportunities, but it also aids an individual in making very informed and critical decisions in life. 

He advised the students present to take the opportunity to build stronger networks and partnerships in order to help build a better society.

The Assistant Registrar, Mrs Boateng in her speech pointed out the need to formalise this bilateral exchanges so as to build a stronger relationship between the universities present. Mr Stanley Osei Bonsu was full of praise for the organizers of the event and, in response to the Assistant Registrar, touched on the progress being made towards the establishment of collaborations with the University of Ghana not only in debate but in Sports as well.

The debate participants were awarded certificates at the end of the event.

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