Transnational Education (TNE) Ghana Limited receives British Accreditation Council (BAC) accreditation

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Transnational Education (TNE) Africa Co. Ltd. through TNE Ghana Limited is pleased to announce that it has received an International Higher Education accreditation from the British Accreditation Council (BAC), making it the first and only education provider on African mainland to have attained the accreditation. 

As an independent body set up in 1984, the BAC acts as the UK national accrediting body for independent further and higher education. Its accreditation is a well established, international quality assurance scheme and is regarded by students and agencies throughout the world as one of the most reliable guides in selecting a higher education institution in which to study.

Praised by BAC for operating on a highly effective model managed by a professional non academic and academic staff team, the TNE Ghana Limited’s accreditation was awarded after a rigorous inspection process carried out by BAC officials. It satisfied requirements in all six areas of the BAC examination namely Governance, Strategy and Financial Management, Academic Management and Administration, Teaching, Learning and Assessment, Student Recruitment, Support, Guidance and Progression, Premises, Facilities and Learning Resources and Quality Management, Assurance and Enhancement.

“TNE Ghana Limited is honoured to be the first education provider in the region to receive BAC’s accreditation – a further testament to our status as a pre-eminent provider of private education. With an endorsement of our robust education system in place, we are now ever more ready to welcome international enrollments” – Prof. John Grainger (Provost, Lancaster University Ghana and President, Transnational Education Africa Co. Ltd.)

The TNE Ghana Limited’s accreditation is valid for a 4 year term.

The successful accreditation by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) provides TNE Africa’s Ghana campus with many benefits and advantages across the sub-Saharan education market.

– TNE Ghana Limited is the only International Higher Education Institution to be accredited by BAC in mainland Africa. One other IHEI has been established in Mauritius and an International Education Institution (IEI) has been established in South Africa.

– Recent changes to the British Tier 4 visa regulations will make it difficult for potential university students to travel from Africa to the United Kingdom to study for a Foundation Programme.  The minimum length of study under the new regulations is two years. This allows us to offer an accredited Foundation Programme in Ghana thereby facilitating students from across Africa direct student entry into UK degree programmes. 

– Lancaster University has already validated the TNE Foundation Programme and the rigorous BAC inspection prior to the granting of accreditation will facilitate the acceptance of the Foundation Programme as a means of gaining direct entry for African students into our Lancaster University programme as well as other UK universities.

– Considerable reduction in parental expenses will accrue to pre-degree students studying in Ghana with TNE Africa, both in terms of tuition fees and accommodation/travel expenses. 

– The Ghanaian economy will benefit from this export of education to Ghana, West Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa. 


About TNE Ghana Limited

Transnational Education Africa Ltd is a member company of a group that includes ABN360 (CNBC Africa and Forbes Africa), Global Institute ME (Murdoch University, Dubai), Lancaster University Ghana (in partnership with Lancaster University, UK) and Transnational Education (TNE) Ghana Limited. TNE Ghana Limited offers a University Foundation Programme at the Lancaster University Ghana campus in Accra. This programme is validated by Lancaster University. It is based on a programme developed and delivered by TNE in Dubai. 

The relationship between Lancaster University and TNE Ghana Limited is an International Teaching Partnership in Ghana.  This partnership commenced in 2013 and has currently has over 400 undergraduate and postgraduate students.  For more information on Transnational Education Africa Co. Ltd., please visit