Welcome to Daniel '17 and Ashikai '18, our Alumni Turned Staff!

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We’re delighted to have Daniel ’17 and Naa Ashikai ’18, who were coincidentally both part of our first Student Representative Council (SRC) passing on the knowledge they’ve learnt to our current students by working as Graduate Teaching Assistants.

After a couple of weeks on the job, we caught up with Daniel and Ashikai to find out how they were finding the experience so far.

Daniel, who studied Accounting and Finance, and was one of the recipients of the Chancellor’s Medal at our first undergraduate Graduation Ceremony shared his thoughts on his new role here: ‘It is a surreal feeling to be back at LUG, after spending three years here, graduating and spending a year doing National Service. I am elated to have the opportunity to assist the lecturers I grew to admire during my time here, and to also support the students in achieving their academic goals. I am already learning a lot from the experience, and I’m looking forward to making some more great memories here’.

Naa Ashikai, who graduated with BSc Marketing, is a Graduate Teaching Assistant helping with the Business Studies department. ‘I am excited to be working with LUG, because it’s given me new found respect for lecturers; now that I know the amount of effort and thorough planning that goes into a single lecture. This experience is pushing me to not only apply the different things I learnt in the course of my 3 years of study, but also to learn new things, as I also need to assist students who are taking modules I did not take. I believe this will definitely give me a competitive edge in the global village we find ourselves in.’