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Hello, and welcome to the Lancaster Christian Club! We are currently active on campus with a participation number of 20+ students of Lancaster University Ghana. The club was initiated by a common passion and love for Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, with a simple aim to create an atmosphere for believers to share their passion and love for God. We have done this by building a community for both Christians and non- Christians and strengthening our relationship through prayer, worship, and regular Bible study. The club aims to develop an exciting, pro-active space through workshops, fellowship, and meet and greets, to aid in helping the LUG community, as well as find purpose and developing various gifts and talents.

Club Executives – Graciella Maforikan, Nonso Momah, Vanessa Yeboah, Ugonna Osuoji.

We have great events coming up including a Christian Music Concert, a “Sip & Paint” day, a Christian Movie Night and a Revival weekend. We love to have you join our club and thanks for stopping by!