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Charity Baidoo is currently a Lecturer at Lancaster University Ghana and a STEM-R facilitator. She graduated from the University of Ghana, Legon with a BSc in IT and an MPhil in Computer Science.  Additionally, she has three professional certificates from IBM: IBM Artificial Intelligence Analyst, IBM Mobile Application Developer, and IBM Application Security Analyst.

Charity is a co-founder of CH WOODE Ltd., where she oversees the business’s strategic planning.

She began her teaching career at the University of Ghana as a teaching assistant, progressed to become a graduate assistant and a tutor for distance education. She was also an Instructor for the University of Ghana Department of Computer Science short courses from 2018 to 2023 where she taught Introduction to Microsoft Office Suite and Web development.

Her research interests are in the area cyber security and artificial intelligence.


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Baidoo, C.Y.M., Yaokumah, W., & Owusu, E. (2023). Estimating Overhead Performance of Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms for Intrusion Detection. International Journal of Information Technologies and System Approach, 16(1), 1–19. https://doi:org/10.4018/IJITSA.316889.