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Dr. Lawrence Boakye is a Senior Lecturer in the LUG Politics Philosophy and Religion (PPR) Department. He currently teaches in areas such as Ethics, Political Theories, and Politics of Development.

He was born in Ghana, and he studied at The University of the Holy Cross in Rome, where he got his Ph. D in Politics and Ethics in 2009. Dr. Boakye did his post-doctoral studies at the University of Dallas in the US. He undertook an extensive research in the areas of international relations, peace building, and conflict resolution strategies and has published extensively in these areas. He also holds two post graduate international certificates in education and academic practices from the UK and the US. Currently, his areas of research focus on Philosophy, Politics and Culture relating to contemporary issues of human development.

Dr. Boakye has taught Political Philosophy and Metaphysics at the University of Dallas, Holy Cross University in Rome, Italy, as well as the University Ghana. He has also collaborated in teaching and research for many years with Ghana Institute of Management And Public Administration (Gimpa) on programmes such as Public Sector Management Training Program and the International Relation Program. Dr. Boakye does consultancy work for Goldwater Conflict Solutions in Peace Management and Conflict Resolutions Training in Accra – Ghana. He has also set up The Pegasus Institute (The Men’s Academy), where he organizes training in leadership, character building, and mentoring for students. He is professionally affiliated to The American Philosophical Association (US), Texas Teaching Fellows (US), International Society for MacIntyrean Enquiry (UK), and The Personalists Association (Poland). Dr. Boakye loves reading, cycling, and also very passionate about classical music.