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Dr. Gadosey is a lecturer and currently the Head of Computer Science Department. He holds a PhD and an MEng. in Computer Science both from the Beijing University of Technology, China with specializations in deep learning and computer vision. He also holds a BSc in computer science from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi.
He has had extensive experience working in industry with companies like Tata consultancy Services in India and consulting for Lenovo Research in Beijing, China. He also co-founded Orion Electronics LLC, Ohio (USA), a startup that develops affordable, innovative, and eco-friendly products for consumers in underrepresented markets and iNNOVA labs Ltd, Ghana, another startup focused on building smart web and mobile applications.

His research areas include Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Agriculture, Block chain technologies, Internet of Things and has authored a number of research articles in reputable journals and conferences. One of such works received the best paper award at the 6th International Conference on Computing and Artificial Intelligence (ICCAI2020) held in Tianjin, China and was a recipient of the Beijing Government award for PhD research in computer science.
At LUG, he teaches Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Information Systems, and Internet Applications Engineering modules.


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