Prof. Dr. Malcolm Peter McIver

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With a BA (Hons) in Education from the University of Manchester, an M.A (Dist.) in Medical Ethics from the University of Northampton and a PhD in Education from the University of Cambridge, Professor Dr. Malcolm McIver was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Transnational Academic Group West Africa and Lancaster University Ghana in 2022, after joining Lancaster University Ghana as Provost and Chief Academic Officer in 2020. He is also currently the Vice Chairman of the Council of Independent Universities.

Following a successful career in the field of healthcare, where he rose to the position of General Manager of a large specialist hospital in the UK, Prof. Dr. McIver commenced his career in education as a Senior Lecturer at Homerton College of Health Studies in Cambridge. For more than 10 years he held a number of senior academic positions at several UK Universities and as visiting Professor to a number of international institutions including the University of Washington. Although his professional background is in Health, it was during this time that his passion for education grew, culminating in him being invited to join the University of Cambridge as the Lead Researcher on a (UK) Government funded research project into School effectiveness and Teacher Sickness absence.

In 2000, he received the highest rating from the Economic & Social Research Counsel for his PhD proposal to research School Effectiveness, which he undertook at the University of Cambridge. Following the successful completion of his Doctorate he returned to education with the University of Hertfordshire where he held a number of teaching and research positions in the Faculty of Health before being appointed the Project Lead for International Developments. As The Project Lead he was responsible for developing and managing a range of programmes for delivery across Asia and SE Asia; a role that enabled him to pursue his joint passions of Education and Internationalisation. In 2012 he was appointed as the University of Hertfordshire’s Director of Studies in Malaysia, with responsibility for overseeing the management and delivery of the Universities undergraduate and postgraduate pathways to more than 3000 students across the region. In the intervening years Professor McIver has held a number of international positions, most notably with LeapEd Services as a Senior Designer for the Malaysian Governments School Transformation Programme, and the Head of Collaborative International Partnerships at the London School of Commerce.

Prof. Dr. McIver’s areas of expertise are Trans-national Education and Ethics whilst he retains a keen interest in School Effectiveness, Health Care, and Learning Disabilities.